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August 07, 2017

You'll Be Flipping Mad If You Don't Get This Next Issue

You'll Be Flipping Mad If You Don't Get This Next Issue

Excitement is an understatement for the next issue of One Thimble Sewing E-Zine. Receiving the draft a few day's ago I realised that there is just so much more to this next edition than I actually realised. With my little girls birthday next month I'll definitely have more than enough inspiration to make her some very beautiful things.

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The next Issue 16 is due for release on Friday the 11th August and is completely packed with all things Mermaid. Mermaid Tails, Mermaid Skirts, Mermaid Snuggle Blankets, Mermaid Felties... you'll have to 'sea' it to believe it.

Also inside is my very own tutorial on how to make an ocean themed mask!

The Aquarian Mask is super fun and very easy to make. Using the newest and delicious edition Rainbow Glitter Wool Felt these masks will glitter and shine like real mermaids and mermen. It will be such a great way to let your children explore the wonders of the deep and come up with such imaginative play.

 Make sure you keep updated with all things Mermaid next week on Facebook One Thimble. Each day you'll be dazzled with what's to come inside the magazine including my very own Aquarian Mask.

Have a beautiful Week Everyone!

Candice xxx

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July 11, 2017

Short Delay on Orders

I would like to let you know that with all my efforts and all my denial of telling myself 'I am fine' it has finally hit me.... this lass is sick.

As mums we really try to keep going, and even as working mums the pressure to try harder is worse because missing out on a work day is very difficult. I have been unwell with a dreaded flu for too long and pushing myself any longer will only make things much more difficult to get better. So I'm checking out for two days to bring myself back to good health. Those of you who ordered from Thursday the 6th of July onwards will have short delays, but don't worry I'll have a little something for you in your parcel to make it up to you.

Thanks everyone... see you on the other side lol

Candice xxx

PS.... Let's hope the men of this house doesn't get it.

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July 10, 2017

More Bang For Your Buck - Get the most out of buying Merino Wool Felt

Who loves a good bargain? I sure do. I love it when you can get bulk discounts for products which means I can buy more for less.

So why not for Merino Wool Felt? Did you know that in my store you can purchase Standard Merino Wool Felt Sheets in bulk? Yep You Can!

You can purchase as little as 3 sheets up to even 50 sheets at one time and some even purchase 2 lots of 50 sheets making it 100!

With discounts of up to 20% bringing the sheet price down to approximately $2.70 EACH you'll give your felt stash a run for it's money! This is is great for those who want to purchase a larger range of coloured Standard Sheets on a lower budget.

This is a permanent arrangement in my store so you'll always know these savings are available.

Click here and find out more and other bargains to be had.

Have a lovely crafty day sweeties!

Candice xxx

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June 26, 2017

Last Chance To Order - Winter School Holidays

The kids and I are heading away for a week so this is a reminder that it's your last chance to order TODAY before we go.

Any orders received up to tonight Monday the 26th June will be off to the postie tomorrow Tuesday 27th June.

I will be away from Wednesday the 28th June to Wednesday the 4th of July. Any orders received during this period will be posted by Monday the 10th of July. This is to allow time to pack orders and take care of the kids as they are still on holidays.

Thanks for your patience during this time. I know a lot of products are out of stock and these will be due later next week, with even more to come the middle of next month.

Also remember it's SALE TIME!

20% off Full Priced products available now until the 30th June. Click here to read more.

That's all for now, take care sweeties and have a lovely week.

Candice xxx

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June 25, 2017

Let's Go On Holidays & End Of Financial Year Wool Feltastic Sale

It's school holidays here in warm and unusually sunny Queensland. My beautiful children and I will be enjoying some time off to visit family. I just can't believe it's supposed to be winter here and I'm sitting in my craft room with all the windows open watching the kids play in the leaves out the front of our home.

We are very lucky to have such beautiful weather here so the kids will just love our time away.

Since I will be away here is some important information for you to remember. These are the best times when it would be best to get any orders in (especially with the sale on, but more about that further on).

Orders placed up to and including - Monday 26th of June will be posted on Tuesday the 27th of June

Away from Wednesday the 28th June to Wednesday the 4th July

Orders placed during the time I'm away will be sent out at the very least by Monday the 10th of June. This is to allow time to pack and time to take care of my little ones as they are still on School Holidays.

Please note the the store will continue to stay open but no orders will be posted during the dates I am away.


So.... it's the end of financial year, I bet you are wondering...? Is Candice going to have a sale?

YEP! There will be 20% off ALL Full Priced Merino Wool Felt!

Enter this code at checkout


This discount is available from now until midnight the 30th June 2017.  

Conditions of Sale

  • Please remember to make sure you do this before making payment, there will be no changes once payment has been made and order has been finalised
  • No Rainchecks
  • Discount only available on full priced Merino Wool Felt Products
  • No other discounts can be applied
  • The following products are excluded from the sale
    • Colour Inspiration Collections
    • Glitter & Rainbow Glitter Wool Felt Products
    • Merino Wool Felt Packs
  • Please note that due to demand some Merino Wool Felt colours may become out of stock during the sale. These items will not be restocked until sale is over and products become available again.
  • Limit of use - one per customer

Thanks again lovelies, I hope you all enjoy the sale. And we will definitely enjoy our time away, I'm going to set up some serious sewing time to use some of the delicious new colours that have come into store lately.

Just to give you an idea of how many have come into store lately, here's a list that have been introduced over the last few months. Click here to view them all.


Thanks again lovelies

Take Care

Candice xxx

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